Sunday, January 16, 2011

BiRthDAy gURl.... NoOR aLya SHaKira

~ hAPpy biRThdaY tO yOu 
~ HaPpy BiRTHdaY tO aLyA ....
~ hAPpy biRThdaY tO yOu 

dEar AlYA ....
be A gOOd GurL...
DoNT bE nAUGHty...
Just STrikE fOr Ur fuTure..
and AlWaYS pRay tO allAH for ur sucCeSs...

 FrOm AS tO ....

 KnAN SKali:alYA besdaY Gurl

kAmbIng In DA hOUSE

N TpAT kUl 12..
kamI tLh MENCLiK ALyA ..
n Air TlH disrAm tPunG DI balNG..
RS jgN maRH erk!!!']
SkaLi sKale jer...
SiAn cIk SoM ,,,
adtLA kate BEgediL ...!!!

And FOR DA last tIME HapY BiRthday!!!!!!
SweEt 20
trUly FROm mY heaRT...

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